Zimbabwe’s Crisis


Bond Notes, and other monetary madness

This morning, after months of delays, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is finally embarking on its new ‘Bond Notes’ monetary experiment: the issuance of legal tender that is not currency (just a ‘pseudo-currency’ to prevent the externalisation of real currency). So you know, this is not the only monetary phenomenon that is unfolding itself in […]

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Zimbabwe’s Bond Notes: Now Imminent

What might happen...

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Aren’t We Already Using Bond Notes? #Zimbabwe

If it already looks and smells like money that you'd rather not touch...

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Zimbabwe Self Sanctions #thisflag

The power of this civic protest

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Zimbabwe’s (Apparently) Failed Randisation

Alice-in-Wonderland-style economics.

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The New Zim Bond Notes… Are Not What Worries Me

What happens when a country literally runs out of money?

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Zimbabwe’s Ongoing Cash Crisis

When your most productive export is your skilled labour...

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Zimbabwe, Deflation, and the Rand

The impact of the weak Rand on the Zimbabwean economy. And some incredible employment statistics.

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