Zimbabwe’s Crisis

money transfer tax

Zimbabwe and its new 2% money transfer tax

Dedollarisation, redollarisation, and money transfer tax in between.

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Zimbabwe and its running parallel rates

Demonetising bond notes, arbitrages, Old Mutual shares, and why was the RTGS rate crashing last week?

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Zimbabwe Cash Crisis: The Rand Option

The Zimbabwe cash crisis: illustrated. And how to adopt the Rand.

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money and its technological failures

Money and its technological failures

Over the last few days, Zimbabwe’s mobile money system, Ecocash, has struggling to stay online. For non-Zimbabweans, it is hard to appreciate the scale of this problem. Zimbabwe’s economy is involuntarily cashless – which means that the primary methods of payment are debit cards, bank transfers, and mobile money. But for a country that is largely […]

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Zimbabwe Cash Crisis

The Zimbabwe Cash Crisis: how do we solve it?

To solve the Zimbabwe cash crisis, we can do better than bringing back the Zimbabwe dollar. What about bringing back two of them?

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Can cryptocurrencies replace national currencies?

The short answer is no. The longer answer involves a prisoner's dilemma.

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The New Zimbabwe: A New Budget and a New Loan

Christmas presents for everyone.

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The Path to Zollarisation

And the heady events of December 2015.

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zimbabwe cabinet

Zimbabwe: A New Week, A New Cabinet

And some context.

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zimbabwe black friday

Zimbabwe’s Black Friday

Black Friday 14 November 1997 - Black Friday 24 November 2017

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