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All the Apple Tax DRAMA

This was fun to write. Also, the EU Commission has gone mad.

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Half-price Apple Shares? Carl Icahn is crazy.

Yesterday, Carl Icahn posted an open letter to Tim Cook on his tumblr feed: Sale: Apple Shares At Half Price It’s glorious. It’s also fiction. But it’s still glorious. Allow me to paraphrase: Dear T-dawg For the sake of politeness, I’m going to say that you’re fab (in fact, if the rumour mills are correct, […]

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Antitrust: Getting Ridiculous

Free markets. Competition. Antitrust. Those three don’t sound like a paradox at all… But I’ll get to them in a moment. First: A Brief History of how we became Free Market Economists In the beginning, we were all just farmers. And then we became farmers that farmed for lords and occasionally fought in their battles. […]

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An Excellent Moment to Explain Corporate Debt

Over the weekend, I damaged an armpit muscle. Some people might tell you that this was a direct result of monkey-climbing up a set of playground swings. But the honest truth is: I strained it with all the back-patting. The week before last, I was exclaiming in awe about the Apple share price (see the […]

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Why Debt Can Be A Fabulous Thing

When I first set-up a facebook account (pre-2008, I’ll have you know)*, I made this little announcement in the “About Me” section: “I am a fan of debt finance. Those who are not fans of debt financing, I rebuke in the name of the mortgage, the bank, and the title deed. The rich don’t get […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Monday 8 October

Good morning The headlines: Chavez wins. Link: what a win. Congratulations to Mr Chavez: Ahem. Has anyone else noticed the uncanny resemblance, both physically and “intellectually”, to South Africa’s Julius Malema? With 90% of the votes counted, Mr Chavez was sitting with 54%. At which point, opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski conceded the race. Chavez […]

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The Patent World Cup: Apple VS Samsung

Article of the day: Apple seeks more damages in the States. part of me wonders whether this fight for more damages (an extra $535 million) doens’t have something to do with the fact that this may be Apple’s best shot at winning. Let’s summarise: GERMANY: Apple 1 Samsung 0 (the interface patents match); Apple 0 […]

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APPLE WINS $1 BILLION. But is this really a victory?

Article of the day link: WIN. After less than 3 days, the jury came back with some conclusions. And those conclusions were exclusively in favour of the iPhone, ruling that six of the seven patents under dispute were violated. However, the jury only awarded half of the original damages sought by Apple. The next question […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Wednesday 25 April

Good morning The headlines: Nomura Holdings, Japan’s largest brokerage, is expected to announce an increase in quarterly earnings. This is in spite of declines in investment banking – which initially surprised me, because brokerage houses don’t usually double as investment bankers. But then I recalled (via Bloomberg, Google and Wikipedia) that Nomura purchased Lehman Brothers’ […]

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Daily News Roundup 2012: Tuesday 17 April

Good morning The headlines: The next Spanish Debt auction is happening today, where the Spanish Government will sell 12 month and 18 month treasury bills. Yesterday, yields of Spanish 10-year bonds rose to 6.16%. The concern is that 7% was the barrier at which Greece, Ireland and Portugal all sought bailouts. But that’s on long-term […]

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