Exchange Rates

salaries and exchange rates

Salaries and Exchange Rates: Defining your “real” worth

Does the 'dollar value' of Rand salaries matter?

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holiday exchange rate winning

Why London is so expensive, and Budapest is not

And why exchange rates are not going to be fixing the problem any time soon #cheapholidays.

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Ye olde big mac

The Big Mac Index. And the adjusted one.

It turns out that there are two. The Big Mac Index is your Purchasing Power Parity guide to where you can get your Biggest Mac-est bang for your buck.

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Demystifying the Yuan

The world's latest reserve currency

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Does the rand bat above its league?

Short answer: yes.

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Algorithmic Trading in the Forex Market

And should it change the way that we look at exchange rates?

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“Your Salary Has Lost Half Of Its Value In Dollar Terms”

Mostly true, but also mostly irrelevant?

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South Africa’s Rand: Just Another Emerging Market Currency

Devaluation: all the Emerging Market kids are doing it.

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A Tale Of Two Exchange Rates

And why you shouldn't keep money in a mattress.

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Rand Exchange Rate Fixing? Less exciting than it sounds, I reckon

Although there's probably lots of bad spelling

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